- Plexus Slim

- MegaX w/Omegas 3,6,9 + 5,7

- Accelerator+

- Boost

- XFactor w/Aloe

- XFactor Plus

- XFactor Family Chewables

- P96 (Choc/Vanilla)

- Plexus Ease Cream

- Plexus Ease Capsules

- ProBio5

- BioCleanse

- Breast Check Kit

- Metaburn

- Lean Meal Replacement Shakes

"How is Plexus different from ________?"

So here you go:

✔ NO artificial ingredients. No artificial sweeteners, chemicals, or dyes. Our products are plant based and Non-GMO. (Do you have any idea how terrible Sucralose and other artificial ingredients are for your body?)

✔ We don’t put a band-aid on things. We get to the root issue. You’re tired for a reason. Pumping you with stimulants is not going to fix that long term.

✔ The non-jittery energy that comes from our products is your body naturally regulating itself and correcting system imbalances and lasts ALL DAY.

This is how we’re supposed to feel on a daily basis. Your body doesn’t want more energy drinks. It wants balance.

✔ Our products are about SO much more than weight loss! What other products do you know of that can also help with anxious feelings, hormonal imbalances, pain, headaches, blood sugar issues, a myriad of digestive issues, skin issues and more?

✔ NO DIETS and no meal replacements. Stop drinking your meals!! We are made to eat REAL food.

✔ We are backed by Morgan Stanley. The investment company who also backs Google and Facebook.

✔ Plexus Worldwide is DEBT FREE.

✔ We have less than a 1% return rate on our products and that’s with our 60 day money back guarantee for customers. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say no other company that claims to have your best health at heart can claim the same list. We’re the real deal and we have the facts to prove it.

- #30 on the 2015 Direct Selling News North America Top 50

- #56 on the 2015 Direct Selling News Global 100

- #8 on the 2014 Inc. 5000 List of the Fastest-Growing Private U.S. Companies

- #76 on the 2014 Direct Selling News Global 100: a comprehensive list of the top direct selling companies in the world, by revenue)

- 2013 "Smart 25" Award Recipient: awarded by B2B CFO/Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, honoring privately-held, growth-driven businesses across the nation for their contributions to the US economy